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Santa Barbara's Cabrillo Boathouse renovation project awaiting final approval

By Rick Longpre on Aug 14, 2015 at 03:49 PM in Santa Barabara Commercial Real Estate, Santa Barbara Local News

By Alex Kacik   /   Friday, August 14th, 2015

The Santa Barbara Planning Commission will review renovation plans for the Cabrillo Boathouse and Pavilion on Aug. 20.

Santa Barbara's Cabrillo Boathouse renovation project awaiting final approval

The city-owned historic landmark at 1118 E. Cabrillo Blvd. has hosted many community programs since its 1926 inception, predominantly on its second floor that overlooks East Beach. The city plans to address failing building systems, which include structural deficiencies, mechanical issues and outdated heating and plumbing. The aging building has been maintained through a piecemeal approach and Jill Zachary, assistant director of the city’s parks department, hopes the renovations will draw more people into the underutilized first floor.

“Everything needs to be upgraded,” Zachary told the Business Times, adding that the first floor hasn’t been updated since the ‘70s. “The ultimate goal is to undertake a major facility renovation with a focus on its interior form and function. We can’t do any of that until it’s structurally sound.”

The city plans to update its showers and gym and build a new portable boardwalk connecting it to East Beach so it can be better used for the many wedding receptions, private parties, corporate meetings, dinners and nonprofit fundraisers it has hosted. Other improvements include new entry stairs, site ramps, an elevator, a first-floor remodel, accessibility upgrades to its promenade, changes to the covered walkway and parking lot enhancements.

The Santa Barbara Historic Landmarks Commission estimated last year the renovations would cost $12 million but the city won’t have a more accurate figure until a final review. The city is using $9 million of the $14 million it has in leftover redevelopment funds, earmarked for projects that were already underway when the agencies dissolved in 2012, Zachary said. Santa Barbara will look to raise the remaining $3 million or so through grants from outside organizations.

The city contracted with Santa Barbara-based KBZ Architects for the project’s design. If the planning commission approves the project and grants a coastal development permit, the city can apply for building permits and put out a bid for construction.

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