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Our mission is to provide outstanding commercial real estate leasing and sales brokerage services, property and asset management services and investment services to all participants associated with commercial property transactions. Whether a novice or sophisticated expert, our unique, diverse background in law, business and real estate, combined with our experience as owners, operators and service providers, provides special insight and value to our clients.

We strive to deliver critical, decision-making information to the client with unparalleled customer service, respecting all stakeholders in the process, with the highest level of integrity. Our consultative approach is simple and straightforward giving clients the peace of mind that a thoughtful, fully informed, decision was reached with a focus on the client’s objectives throughout process.

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“I have used Rick's services many times over the last decade as well as partnered with him on a few ventures. Rick has vast real estate and legal knowledge and integrity is his best trait.”
- Tim Casey

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