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Santa Barbara Real Estate Investments

Santa Barbara Real Estate Investments

Latitude works with individual investors as well as institutional buyers and sellers of real estate assets, together with their advisors (attorneys, estate planners, CPAs, among others) to achieve their commercial real estate objectives. The process is often a team approach to solve a client’s particular financial requirement. Latitude has, in the past, also offered syndicated investments (limited partnership and tenant-in-common interests) allowing investors to participate in real estate investments for a fraction of the total required equity.

Latitude has been involved in syndications and property acquisition throughout California, the Western United States, Texas, Florida and North Carolina to uncover real estate investments. The goal is to provide investors with a tax-sheltered, market return, likely to remain stable through all market cycles, with long-term appreciation achieved through rental increases, market growth and professional strategic management. Latitude’s experience with syndicated investments, as a general partner and owner, adds unique and valuable insight and expertise that can be utilized by its clients in all of their real estate activities.


“Rick has been very creative, thinking outside of the box with positive results in many difficult / stressful situations. He has been able to bring the parties together to complete projects. He has been a joy to work with.”
- W. Scott Burns, Mortgage Broker

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